Gain the insight and knowledge of dynamic consultants in the nonprofit field who bring both hard skills and a social justice lens to their work.


We’re Worker-Owned

As a democratically-run cooperative, we shift power dynamics in the way we work with each other and with our clients. Our staff own and are empowered to make decisions about our business. Instead of setting out to maximize profits or returns to investors, we put community benefit first.

Get To Know Us

Our highly skilled consultants have extensive on-the-ground experience in their areas of specialization and respective communities. As a client, you can trust that working with a us is both a high quality experience and supportive of an economy in which people thrive in their workplace—having access to livable wages, training, and opportunities to shape day-to-day operations and broader strategy.

How We Work

Radiate Consulting offers an easy-to-understand contracting process to make engagement with your consultants simple and smooth. The cooperative handles contract details so that clients and consultants can focus on completing the scope of work. This arrangement saves clients time and money, and allows for flexible staffing that matches their needs.


Contracting Process

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Client Testimonials

"Jorge made the terms of accounting so simple that we were able to understand the purpose of each concept."

– Metatron Fabrics

“Pao went above and beyond while interpreting to not only provide solid service but to get to know the clients they worked with and build relationships.”

– Caracol Language Cooperative

"Radiate Consulting is made up of powerful people with significant experience creating positive change in their organizations and communities. I have found them to be committed, creative, and effective."

– LB Forward

"Working with Amy was a pleasure from start to finish. Her attention to detail and thoughtful project management were incredibly helpful."

– U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives