Jorge specializes in bookkeeping for small businesses and nonprofits.


Jorge Alvarez is an immigrant, activist, and visionary. As an undocumented student, he discovered that creativity is key for success. Creativity took Jorge on a journey to explore working as a sales representative, an independent contractor, and an entrepreneur. With a BA in Economics and Minor in Finance and Accounting, Jorge has eight years of experience working in accounting for the nonprofit sector.  Besides working in the social justice world, Jorge is a business consultant with Latino businesses in the Los Angeles area. Jorge’s vision is of a world where people can develop the best version of themselves, and where they are valued for their morale and their quality as a person.


Ian specializes in grant writing, IT support, and facilitation.

Ian Jerome Kamus

Ian Jerome Kamus is a Community Organizer based in Aliso Viejo, California. A graduate from the University of California Irvine with a Bachelors' in Environmental Science and a minor in Global Sustainability, Ian has a background in youth and electoral organizing in API grassroots organizations which include the Korean Resource Center and Pilipino Workers Center. He is invested in environmental justice, immigrant rights, and civic engagement in underrepresented and marginalized communities.

Alicia specializes in staff and organizational development, strategic planning, and facilitation.

Alicia Morales Perez

Alicia Morales Perez is a Community Organizer based in Long Beach, California. Born in Puebla, Mexico, she has roots in the Chicana/o and undocumented youth movement of the last 10 years. She has worked across a broad spectrum of non-profits, community organizations and social justice groups ranging on issues from immigrant rights to education to labor throughout the Los Angeles County area. A graduate from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelors in History, she works for the housing justice organization, Long Beach Residents Empowered.

Amy specializes in supporting with board administration, member and staff recruitment, and event logistics.

Amy Solis

Amy Solis works as the Administrative and Programs Coordinator at Democracy at Work Institute developing systems of operation. She has roots as a community organizer and activist within immigrant and LGBTQ communities in Southern California. Prior to joining DAWI as Communities of Practice program support in 2015, she co-directed the Long Beach Cooperative Empowerment Project, organizing self-directed learning groups and cooperative education campaigns. Amy graduated with her bachelors degree in Fine Art and Women Gender Sexuality Studies from California State University Long Beach.